Gutter Cleaning

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Never Clean Gutters Again! Full gutters can cause a laundry list of problems, having them serviced won't cost you much and will save you the headaches.

Why & When to clean Gutters

Gutter cleaning is important preventive maintenance and should be done  at least twice a year if possible.  Early Spring before the rains and Late Fall before the snow.  Don't wait until you visibly can see a tree sprout to know that your gutters are full, they were full long before that -now you have so much dirt and water that they have  become fertile ground.   Have us clean and check your gutters to see if they are  working properly, doing their job as intended. 

Gutters are installed to carry water off of your roof to a designated area  on your property. When working properly gutters are very effective at  doing their job.If a gutter gets clogged up by dust, leaves, dirt, etc,  however, it can stop or slow the drainage off your roof, causing more  damage than you may know.

Rain Damage:

*  Clogged gutters easily become over-weighted with debris and standing or slow moving water which will lead to the gutter themselves bending twisting or even detaching from the home (sometimes bringing the facia and soffit with them).  

*  With no where to go water will spill over the edge eventually rotting facia boards making it easier for water to enter the home causing wall and ceiling damage.

*  Gutters are pitched/angled almost unnoticeably to redirect water; a clogged gutter will bend and will take water where it is not meant to be causing possible staining on exterior siding/bricks, or damage to flower beds.

*  A clogged gutter can cause water issues in your basement and help deteriorate foundation walls.

Snow/Ice Damage:

*  As snow melts off your roof water trickles to your gutter system, if clogged the water just and slush just fill your gutter causing an extreamly heavy load for the gutter.  It weighs a lot more than you think and is actually pulling at your house.

*  As night comes and the water in a clogged gutter refreezes.  The expanding ice can lift your first course of shingles causing damage to your roof system

*  A full gutter prevents proper flow of melting snow and continues to build ‘up’ with nowhere else to go. Built-up ice on the roof can cause leaking into the interior of the house as it starts to melt. 

*  Instead of going water going to designated areas it can spill over onto walkway causing ice buildup where you've already shoveled and salted.